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Our Different Products

Here at Wicked Cold Creations we have a variety of types of snacks to keep you coming back for more.  We understand the need for healthy alternatives and are always looking for new ideas. 


Produce and Preppers

There is a growing demand for shelf stable produce and prepper ingredients that will last and maintain their fresh taste and healthy properties.  Everything in our "Produce and Preppers" line keeps this in mind while striving for both convenience and flavor.

Keto Treats

Everyone loves a tasty snack, but not everyone loves the additives and high carb nature of the typical treat that you can find at the grocery store.  All of our Keto Treat line is low/no carb, made with all natural ingredients and will blow your taste buds out of this world.


Dog Treats

Known as our "Bite Me Doggy Delights" line, we know your best friend deserves the best to eat, just like you!  While no additives or processed food ingredients ensures a fresh and natural taste, no wheat flour is used either, ensuring a healthy and tasty snack every time.

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