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About Us



It all started with raspberries. 


In starting out with a Keto diet, I was on the hunt for sweets.  Sweets that were healthy enough to stick with my diet plan, but yummy enough to satisfy my sweet-tooth.  I started playing with Keto donuts, and needed to top it with a flavor that was unique and delicious.  Enter the raspberries.


The first time freeze drying raspberries was a game changer, and sprinkling the keto donuts with freeze dried raspberry bits was the turning point that turned freeze drying from a curiosity into an obsession.


What started out as one small freeze dryer working overtime to provide for a small family turned into several machines making enough volume and variety for everyone.

We are a small family owned freeze-dried healthy food provider, always experimenting with new ideas and adding to our inventory of goodies.


Oh, and another thing

At Wicked Cold Creations, our mission is to provide delicious freeze dried treats while making a positive environmental impact. Our goal is to reduce food waste and make use of ingredients that would have otherwise been discarded. We proudly offer a variety of options that are made with locally sourced ingredients and are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. 

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